CAE Redesigned from scratch

Let's face it. As a designer, analyst or a engineering manager, you are constantly feeling the pain of tight schedules. You are expexcted to complete a complex task in shortest time possible.

Yet the Computer Aided Engineering (the so called CAE) software offers in the martket are not built for your convenience. All of them are focused on simulation not the experienece.

This is why we re-designed all CAE workflow from scratch. We harness the power of cloud, we improved the setup time significantly but most importantly we build the whole system around you personal simulation experience.

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UI, Physics, Modes - all included

Using TwinIDE's No-Code interface or with one-of-a-kind easy programming module, you can create the app you envision under a minute!


Simularge Express offers a unique workflow for quick simulations. Following the simple wizard, you are done under 5 minutes!

TwinIDE App Example

Simularge Core solver provides a comprehensive user interface with control over the interactions, meshing and solver power

Access anywhere, share anywhere

Simularge CAE solutions are accessible through any web-browser. You just need to select you favorite device and start using the system whenever you want. Completely designed for remote work, Simularge empowers you to share any model with just one single click.

If you need more CPU power, no problem. You are free to use you software in any number of CPUs you want. No more waiting for a series of jobs to complete, submit as many runs you want.

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