Complex Aviation problems?
We got you covered.

When you look at the sky, you notice two things: the stars, and the jets that soar through the clouds to an unknown destination. Aviation is a field that is constantly evolving. Every day, planes carrying thousands of passengers take off, necessitating the use of safe and efficient technology. Within this domain, systematical engineering is a crucial step, therefore organizations are continuously looking for appropriate solutions while prioritizing innovation.

Thanks to Simularge's cutting-edge app development platform TwinIDE, your company is involved in a much easier and Industry 4.0 integrated framework. You can build a variety of applications on this platform, ranging from data monitoring to the most complicated digital twin applications, and use them throughout product design or production.

For example, during the product design phase, you can initiate a virtual test to reduce the number of real-life experimentation. Or, during the manufacturing of aviation parts, such as jet engine combustor parts, you can monitor Thermal Barrier Coating (TBC) thickness in real time by utilizing its digital twin.