Simulstore is alive!

As Simularge, we have published the Simulstore Platform that we have been working on for a while. By logging into, you can become a member for free and start trying the engineering applications we have developed.

Simulstore platform, which started as an idea of ​​an Industry and Engineering-oriented AppStore, can be used as a system where target-oriented applications suitable for sectoral or physical problems can be developed, shared and sold. In line with the target we set for ourselves as at least 20 applications in 2020, we offer you 4 applications in the first stage. Development and testing of the following applications continue rapidly. In addition, we will be sharing our innovative surprise apps with IIOT content throughout the year.

As Simularge, we offer alternative membership options so that every application to be put into Simulstore can be a free version. If you want more than the capabilities of the free versions, you can also try the Pro versions. As a new year gift, you can benefit from 20% discount on Pro memberships until the end of March with the code "W2020".

We started to add other applications to Simulstore by collaborating with developers other than Simularge. The first example, "HTC Calculator" is now ready for you to try. "Car Performance" will be put into use in January / February period. If you have an idea or an application whose program you have already written, contact us immediately. You can explain your own solutions to the world with an innovative interface and membership system without dealing with cloud and database problems.

Finally, we have released the Simularge Core version as well as Simulstore. Alternative to Simularge Express, you can also use the Simularge Core application for free, which can read STEP files and systems with assembly features.

I invite everyone to become a member of the Simulstore platform, which will improve the engineering ecosystem, increase the value of technical studies and strengthen the industry. We will be waiting for your positive / negative feedback.

As the Simularge family, we would like to thank everyone who will add value to Simulstore with their presence!

Dr. Erhan Turan - Simularge

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