Introducing TwinAPI

Today, we are unveiling our latest platform: TwinAPI is a platform created for Engineering Applications with a special focus on Digital Twins. Based on Python language, TwinAPI let's its users access fundamental engineering libraries, open source simulation tools, common ML/AI modules and an intuitive interface to combine them all. Running the codes, visualizing the results will be handled with a web-browser, powered by Simularge's Cloud Infrastructure.

We are empowering engineers. Starting from defining materials, performing fundamental engineering calculations and then passing them to more complex simulations are now possible under a single framework. Making design iterations, using big data, developing hybrid solutions will be open to you thanks to special TwinAPI routines.

Its Digital Twin capabilities will guide the experts to convert their fleet into smarter machines. Soon, streaming live IoT data, performing real time calculations and running ML estimations will also be activated.

Also, special for this launch, we are introducing TwinAPI AppCreator in beta version. Now, you have the ability to convert python scripts into native web applications that run directly in cloud. You will have the option to share the apps, keep them private or even sell them in an upcoming marketplace.

We will be launching a training series for all interested innovators, makers and institutions so you understand the abilities of TwinAPI. This is our first public release of the platform, bugs, features requests, new ideas will probably pop to your mind. Please do not hesitate to share your feedback directly to me or to

More to come, stay tuned and visit & sign up for free today!

Work safe, work smart!

Erhan Turan, PhD

Simularge - CTO

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